Corporate Film

Video documentation of business activities is an essential activity for all large business houses. Chandracon lay special emphasis on creation of Corporate Film through proper research and introspection about the business and people associated with it. Based on that, our expert professionals come up with an holistic approach to meet the exact requirement. Chandracon specializes in shooting workshops, machineries, product features, employee and customer testimonials. Corporate Films created by Chandracon has long been helping national and international business houses in their marketing and PR branding. Corporate Films are an indispensable part of digital marketing. We have worked for brands like State Bank of India, Gokul Mustard Oil, Alokananda TMT, Rashmi TMT, Bardhaman Agro Industries, Hitech Poultry, Maity Poultry, Dhanvantary Bioscience, Papa App, Hotel Rajeet, Indian Oil and a lot more.

Corporate Film Stills