Digital Media

The most modern and convenient form of marketing is Digital Media. Based on digital platforms, Chandracon has been promoting brands from regional, national and international markets. Chandracon is a perfect blend of professional expertise, diligent strategy and creative brilliance which together has been helping a colossal number of brands in India and abroad. From website development to social media promotions like (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Whatsapp), Chandracon has been helping brands like Chandraboti Ayurvedic, Gouranga Paul Blouse Specialist, Allen Ayur, Relook, Joyguru Bastralay, Azad Hind Udyog, New Dhar Jewellers, Happy Time, H2O Master, Purnima Caterer, Ureca Life and a lot more. Objective of Chandracon is to create a positive buzz about the product and organization on social media platforms.

Digital Media Stills